Montag, 29. November 2010

Fabian's invention

The Freespaces-scanner

An Invention of Fabian Gutsche

The Freespacescanner is an invention that is made to help travelers find a free space in the underground or in other public means of transportation, in the form of a flatscreen TV that shows a 2D image of the blueprint from the public mean of transportation and sets of laser-barriers that replace armrests. It works as follows: when someone sits down on a seat he automatically breaks the laser-barrier. The laserbarrier sends a signal to the main computer in the flatscreen which then Xes out the space in question. 

Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Ariane - Hay Tech For Horses

My Horsey-Ro-Butler

(H-R-B 2010)

I invented the Horsey-Ro-Butler on a foggy November day in Berlin. My new invention is an ecological robot, a robust friend, a flowery piece of design made for an easy country life. 

Horses and ponies love my H-R-B. And so do the kids.
I know, my invention should be waterproof.

My H-R-B is a helpful allrounder. It wears a wig of hay and grass and helps us feed the horses. It´s full of buttons. 

The rear is openable, the robot keeps all the goodies and useful tools inside its body. Its green butterfly aerial connected to Mars attracts everybody´s attention.

The Horsey-Ro-Butler lives in the stable. Country life is sweet, but busy.

My H-R-B is a great big helper. It feeds, grooms and bridles the horses. It sometimes runs down to the local blacksmith´s and orders new horseshoes! It collects the horse droppings in a bag and even helps the vet.

Have a  look at my sketches and description for more details.

What shall I call my dear little robot?

Something in the pipeline, The Underground Supply System (USS) by Fionúir Mc Bennett

Lino -I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very proud to present you all my new invention:

LINODENT FF (Fast Fifteen).

Do you want to know why it's called FF?  Watch the movie!!!!!!!!!

My invention can save 33.4(!!) hours of your time per YEAR!

The logo I created contains 3 toothbrushes. Can you find them?

Avas invention: The Marlenomat

Dear friends,

hello. This is my invention - I hope, you enjoy it!


Alek my i-Tooth 2000 video

Watch my video

Daphne's Invention - The Wonder-Wake-Uponator

Here is the video of my new invention. It will help people to wake up on time in the morning.

Lucia's Cheese-bread-o-matic

This is my newest invention, the Cheese-bread-o-matic:

My invention is fun and saves time in the morning!

How to use:
Step 1: Place a piece of bread into the left slot of the machine.

Step 2: The machine transports the bread to the middle. It lets butter fall from the hole in the top onto the bread.

Step3: Place a slice of cheese into the right slot.

Step 4: The machine lifts the cheese onto the bread with butter.

Step 5: The machine squashes the bread (with butter and cheese) so it holds together.

Step 6: it is ready: enjoy!

Neel: CUDD 1 Version 1.0 (Prototype) in ACTION

Clean Up Device Droid 1

That's the way it's looking like.

Now it`s driving to the Lego Bricks.

It collects  the Lego Bricks...

... Until it got all the Lego Bricks on its shovel.

Now it is driving to the container... 

... And unloads his shovel.

Freitag, 26. November 2010


The Skladanowsky Brothers lived in an appartmentbuilding in the Schönhauser Alle / Kastanienallee.
From there appartment they filmed the street Schönhauser Alle in black/white.

This is why there name is written with tiles on the sidewalk in front of there house.

Donnerstag, 25. November 2010

HENRI'S presentation

Hello my name is Leonardo

I was born in a litte Town name Vinci,my father's name
is Piero and he lives in Florenz. I live by my Onkel.
 I really like to draw and one of my best paintings
were the MonaLisa. I like to invent some thing
 like a machin that could  fly ore something for
the ware, like an armbrust.
When I was 17 my father brought me to a
master that should teach me how to paint and to mix coulors.
I never go to school before and I make my studies myself.
I take plants from the river and try it in book and after
i draw them perfektly in my studybook, where I have millions
of pictures of flyingmaschines and other inventions or drawings.
Sometimes I buy births and let them free and I can watch them
how they fly.

Tomorrow I will write more about me.

Leonardo da Henri

Mittwoch, 24. November 2010


I'm happy to present to you my new invention -


Please have a look...

... and Enjoy!

Elliot the Extremely Eccentric Engineer


We had many different ideas of inventions to make. See sketches below.

Some of  them were:
  • toothbrusher
  • cleaner
  • reminder  and
  • a household Robot.
 I found out that the only realistic idea is

>>> TAA-DAA <<<

                                               THE TOOTHBRUSHER

                                             THE REMINDER
                                              TOOTHBRUSHER AGAIN

                                            CLEANER AND REMINDER     

Henri Leonardo Da vinci

Leonardo lived until 17 in a little town named Vinci.
you can see were Leonardos name come from.
As he came to Florence his master called him:
the boy Leonardo from Vinci,in Italian Da Vinci.
his artist name was born.
I like Leonardo because he never went to School,
but he was so so smart and a very god Painter .

Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Neel - The Blueprint of my Invention

This is the blueprint of my Clean Up Device Droid (CUDD 1)

It's designed to clean up my room.
My Mom can`t wait to see it in action.
I think I`m going to sell it to Lego...

My invention- by Karim

Hello everybody
I am here to tell you about my new invention. It's a helmet who can bring my thinkings on paper. This helmet has antennas who when I'm thinking lead my thinkings like a lightning arrester to a small antenna.
That antenna is combined with a cable which is combined with a pencil which is writing my thinkings on paper.
Your Karim

Montag, 22. November 2010

ELLIOT- Johannes Gutenberg

Johannes Gutenberg lived in Mainz from his birth in 1398 till his death in 1468.  He was the first European to use movable type printing in around 1440 and is recognised as the global inventor of the printing press.

He was chosen by journalists as the "Man of the Millenium."  One of his first printed books and most famous work was the Gutenberg Bible also known as the 42-line Bible.


Elliot the Expert Engineer

Ariane - Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 in a little city nearby Florence called Vinci. That´s why he is called  "Da Vinci". Leonardo died in 1519 in France. He was a very famous painter, architect, scientist and inventor during the golden age of the Renaissance.

His fame grew well beyond the boundaries of  his homeland. Leonardo was fascinated by birds. He wanted to be the first human being to fly. So he tried to build a flying machine. He was inspired by nature.

Looking at Leonardo´s plans of the flying machine one realizes that the similarities with the wings of a bat are astonishingly great.

LINO-Biography of RICHARD TREVITHICK ("my" inventor)

Richard Trevithick was born in 1771, he was the youngest of 6 children. At first Richard didn't prove to be 'the brightest lamp in the street.' His schoolmaster once reported him as being "disobedient, obstinate and slow", but, by the age of 19 he was learning the ropes and became an engineer.
Richard Trevithick was a genius in the field of mechanical engineering whose inventions proved to be of immense importance in helping to shape the development of the industrialised world during the 19th century.

Indeed, the world's first car was followed by (among others): 
1802: The Coalbrookdale Locomotive - the first portable engine to run  on rails 
1803: The London Road Carriage - the first coach 
1804: The Penydarren Locomotive - the first train 
1808: The Catch-me-who-can railway locomotive, the first fare paying passenger train 
Richard Trevithick also invented:
The Cornish boiler 
Containerisation of shipping 
A ships propeller 
Domestic heating boilers - portable room heater 
A rock boring machine 
Water-jet propulsion 

Richard died in April, 1833, in Dartford

Clara- Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo  di ser Piero da Vinci was an italian polymath: painter, sculptor, architect, musician,
scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, geologist, cartographer and writer. He lived from April 15th 1452 
until  May 2nd 1549. He painted the "Mona Lisa" and " The last Supper" which became two famous paintings." As an inventor, he invented a helicopter, a tank, concentrated solar power,  a calculator, the double hull and he 
outlined a rudimentary of plate tectonics"(From wikipedia)

The " Mona Lisa"

"the last supper"


Brainstom: I want to invent something  to make my life easier.  Because  I don’t put makeup on every other day, I decided not to continue with the schmink-a-nauma .
Instead I thought about what I need help with in my life.
I came up with:
-having breakfast
-being reminded
-cleaning up.

More later...........     

Sonntag, 21. November 2010

isabel presents her invention

Super, I have finished my invention.And here are some pictures and a video of it!

The idea ...

The construction:

Some details:

the start of my invention
 A swimmingpool for my brace!
A brush...
and last but not least: a towel!

The fan!

and here the video: